Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The (Beginning of the) End of Jim Crow 2.0

By Heru Ammen

The election of Barrack Obama to a second term as POTUS is a clear indication that we are in the initial stages of mitigating the political extremism, hatred (racial, LBGT, gender) and outright ignorance that has become part and parcel of the political process in this country. Jim Crow 2.0 has been mortally wounded and the Taliban like contingent of the Republican Party is in full whine mode today. 

Allen West, the quintessential right-wing Afro-Saxon sycophant was sent back home to Florida. Religious misogynists and political Neanderthals Todd Akin and Richard Murdock were defeated and marriage equality amendments were passed in four states. We still have a ways to go. However it is clear that those of us that embrace life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness once again represent the majority in this country. 

Simply put Obama and freedom won because Obama wooed Hispanics, Asians, African Americans, LGBT’s, women and young people (which are the groups that Mitt Romney and the Republican Party either ignored and/or denigrated) based upon the principle of a united people rising and transforming America into a more perfect union.

Just like in 1964 when the Voting Rights act was signed and people of color were finally able to fully participate in the American political process, 2012 marks a historical turning point in regards to the political power of the majority minority in this country. This marked the first election that old, bigoted and conservative white dudes became a true political minority in this country. Their voices are still loud. But our voices are louder. They can still effect policy. However the pendulum has swung in our favor and when we speak, our voices will dictate the direction this country will take more so than the other side.

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