Monday, November 12, 2012

Additional Post Election Musings...

By Heru Ammen
As a successful African American Entrepreneur, I can say with absolute certainty that the policies Obama has enacted through congress and through fiat have had a tremendous positive effect upon my business and my ability to expand my vision on a global scale; especially on the African continent. My peers have expressed the same sentiment regarding the Obama business doctrine. 

What Smiley, West, and other self-appointed and white corporate backed African American leaders represents IMO is a failed agenda that has overseen the decline of the African American community. Since the aforementioned have had the ears and eyes of a vast number of our people, our communities have continued their decline into a de-facto third world existence. 

Drug abuse, violence, poverty, familial dysfunction, unemployment and a lack of educational opportunities have all increased under their "watch" - even though they have implemented and promoted numerous conferences, marches, books, poverty tours, meetings, seminars and other communication vehicles promoting their agenda to solve these problems. Smiley, West and the rest of the black political cognoscenti have utterly failed our people. Yet their bank accounts and white corporate sponsorship have increased exponentially. 

What our communities need is less meetings and marches and more infrastructural development that promotes growth, education, business development and our beautiful culture. For me, Obama represents the penultimate accomplishment one can expect to achieve in this country; to be recognized, respected and given the honor and title of being the leader of the free world. What Obama owes us is what he owes all Americans and that is the opportunity to raise our condition to a higher level. I believe he has done that.

We don't have to beg anymore. There is no need to write another book about why black folks are poor. We do not need another march, meeting, prayer vigil, seminar, workshop or bus tour. What is needed is enterprise level action that will bring real change to our communities and the lives of our people. It's time for the African American Entrepreneur class to stand up. That's what Obama meant when he said "we are the change that we have been looking for." 

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