Monday, February 27, 2012

African-Centered Economics Part 1 of 3: The Key To Cultural & Economic Prosperity

By Heru Ammen

Black Conservatism is defined, fomented and implemented by right wing, white Republicans. The talking points for Black conservatives is point for point, idea for idea, measure for measure the same as the talking points one would hear from hate speech divas on the right such as Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity or Beck. It appears to this writer that traditional black conservatives are primarily motivated by a need to find favor with and derive income from their conservative white counterparts.

By parroting the right-wing mantra of white-conservative Christianism and economics, the black conservative has become the tool of the right wing machine and a foolish and willing pawn in the game of racial politics perpetuated upon the greater African American community by the right wing conservative movement.

Things are no better for our left leaning brothers and sisters. Black liberals fail to effectively address the issues that have plagued our poorer communities for decades. Before you choose to argue with me on that point, please take a look at statistics related to crime, out of wedlock births, drug abuse, sex crimes against children, socio-economics, education, illiteracy, entrepreneurial/employment opportunities and business development within our communities and show me where black liberals (or conservatives for that matter) have proffered viable solutions to address the aforementioned issues.

I often bump heads with my brothers and sisters on the right side of the political spectrum over African-Centered politics. Like our conservative brethren I believe that each person has a responsibility to be the best they can be. Where I differ with black conservatives is in the fact that our communities do not have the same access to capital and resources that other communities have and without that access, it’s damn near impossible for lower-income and lower middle-class African Americans to rise and transform their lives or the lives of people that live in their communities.

I also believe that we should not wholly put our fate on the premise that Government will invest enough capital and resources in our communities to make a difference; which is where I bump heads with our left leaning brothers and sisters. Justice demands that the Government do the right thing. However the reality is that it hasn’t and most likely will not.

Part of embracing an African-Centered Economic mindset is accepting the reality that we are the missing piece of the puzzle. We can only bring change to our communities by accepting the condition of our reality. We must accept the fact that the only way we can bring positive change to our communities and the Diaspora is that we do it ourselves through an African-Centered economic mindset. What is an African Centered Economic Mindset? Read part 2 of this series coming later this week.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Barrack Obama & the African American Cognoscenti

By Heru-Ammen

Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and Dr. Boyce Watkins all have three things in common. They are African American, they believe they have some relevancy in and influence on the Greater African American Community and all of them are overt and consistent critics of President Barrack Obama.

Their main complaint is that President Obama doesn’t do anything and/or enough for African Americans. They and their apologists also believe that anyone supporting President Obama does so because he is an (and the first) African American President and his supporters are just Land-o-Goshen tickled pink, black, brown, beige, red and tan to have an African American in the White House and aren’t sophisticated enough to see and agree with the complaints West and company offers to the greater African American community with their diatribes against President Obama.

The arrogance of their position would be laughable if the stakes weren’t so high. President Obama ended the war in Iraq. The Afghanistan conflict is (hopefully) winding down for America and its NATO allies. Thanks to the Obama stimulus the economy is in a slow but steady recovery from the Bush economic debacle and the Republicans and their racially motivated minions and pundits have declared war on and are conducting a war against the President and the American People with their “Just Say Nobama” positions.

What the President has done is proven the fact that an African American can in fact achieve greatness at the highest level in this country. He has also proven that an African American does not need to incorporate a victim-mode mindset in which one must beg, cry, march, meet or complain about our condition. One need only to incorporate some of or the entire blueprint Mr. Obama has followed to achieve success. This presents a problem for West and Company simply because it is contra-posed to their worldview of black folks as helpless and dependent victims of a dying, anemic and pathetically weak white power structure. It also impedes their ability to promote their worldview and earn an income from doing so.

Quite frankly, we are the only culture in this country that attaches itself to a mindset evoked for the sole purpose of profiting from our real misery and complaint by our own so-called leaders and some of our brothers and sisters within the black pundit community. While other cultures of color in this country are rising and transforming their communities, economies and infrastructures; despite the obstacles placed before them by powerless racists and a declining white oligarchy, we continue to fight a war that was essentially won and literally paid for in blood of our esteemed brother and sisters during the Civil Rights struggles of the 50’s and 60’s. That being the case, it’s time we put down our marching boots, step from behind the daises, turn of the microphones and move forward into the twenty-first century as a people of achievement and excellence!