Monday, May 4, 2009

A Mother's Day Message "Always Be Good To Yourself Baby"

By Heru Ammen

I had a hard day last Friday. On August 17th, 2000 my mother transitioned to the spiritual realm. I consider myself truly blessed to have had her in my life for so long. I've had the ultimate blessing of having two wonderful mothers in my life. My birth mom, who loved me dearly transitioned when I was three (closer to 4 years old). I remember her as well.

The last time I saw my birth mother my father was taking her to the hospital for a "simple" operation. I was looking out of the screen door as they drove off and I turned to my sister and told her that mama wasn't coming back home. She died two days later from complications arising from a thyroid-ectomy (removal of the thyroid gland). - which was a pretty radical procedure in 1961. My father remarried about a year later to the woman that would love and raise me as one would their own flesh and blood child; and who I called mama for most of my life.

Last Friday I had a few moments of downtime from my usual hectic schedule and I began thinking about mama. Usually when that happens, I'm pretty cool. I get a little misty eyed, think about the good times or something my mom did, smile and move on. However on this occasion I completely lost it! I was blubbering worst than a fat kid at burger king with no money. It was terrible. When I finally got myself together, I realized why I had lost it. It was during this month in the year 2000 that my mother had the first in a series of strokes that eventually would take her life. Anyway, what snapped me back to reality was something mama would always tell me whenever we talked. I could hear her say to me (as if she was talking to me face to face) "Always be good to yourself baby." That was my mother's signature line for all circumstances; good or bad.

So I'm passing that advice along to each of you here. Treat yourself like royalty. Because that's what you are. Don't compromise on the things in your life that fill your spirit with happiness and joy. Don't let negative people steal your energy. Create your own reality by connecting to the creator within you. Don't be afraid to create your own spiritual paradigm. Because when you do so, you will connect with others that share your vision. And as my mother would say, "ALWAYS BE GOOD TO YOURSELF BABY!!!"