Monday, November 10, 2008

Mentally Challenged Negroes Vote Overwhelmingly For McCain

By Bill Jerome

In a new Peeonu research poll, 99% of African Americans voted for Senator Obama for President. The poll also shows that mentally challenged Negroes voted overwhelmingly for McCain. This is the only poll that broke down the "black vote" in sub-categories such as African American and Negro to come up with this statistic. 

Peeonu researcher Professor Blaque Mealee-Tant said it was "necessary to separate the black vote in this manner" because "it was obvious to her that any black man or women that voted for Republican John McCain after 400 years of slavery, rape, being forced to eat chitlins' genocide, Jim Crow, Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond had to be suffering from the condition known as Mentally Challenged Negro Syndrome."

Other subcategories for the black vote that were polled included blunt smokers, overweight Black men with small penises, infeminate male choir directors, big black women with ashy feet, private pharmaceutical marketers, and black women with facial and chest hair. All of these group voted overwhelmingly for Senator Obama. Professor Mealee-Tant said that she wanted to have more subcategories. Unfortunately she was stymied in this pursuit because crackheads and black Jehovah Witnesses did not vote in significant numbers  to be counted this time around. 

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