Monday, November 10, 2008

Breaking News: Black Church Building Fund Located

By Haroldamus

Today Archaeologist uncovered what appears to be the remnants of a building that housed the mythical black church building fund. For hundred of years African Americans donated money to this fund only to never see it used or any records kept as to how much was donated into it. The building fund was found in what appears to be an abandoned graveyard for fried chicken and ham hocks bones near the abandoned home of the late black minister, The Right Reverend Bishop T.A. "Cash" Moneyclipp

Because of his close relationship with God, Bishop Money was able to annoint all donations to any black church building fund and have all of them flown directly to him by angels each and every Sunday. Bishop Money was not a selfish man. For he was known to donate religiously to the recently uncovered secret slush fund called the American Black Pastor's Cadillac (and Mercedes) Funding Association. Until he died, Bishop Money would donate in the nine figure range every year to this fund; which was used to buy new Cadillacs and Mercedes Benz automobiles for the millions of black pastors that lead churches that had less than twenty members.

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