Tuesday, November 11, 2008

African Americans Run Out Of Excuses For Failure

By Bill Jerome

When little Lakeesha goes to class today she'll be one of millions of African American school children for whom failure is no longer and option. Bobby "Booby" Washington; a file clerk at the law firm of Earth, Wind & Fire PA can no longer blame "the man" for his failure to finish law school. He is going to have to accept the fact that it was his daily morning ritual of firing up a pineapple blunt and "poofin" on it all day that stunted his career path. There are millions of Lakeeshas and Boobys all across America that woke up the morning after the election and realized that "the man" is no longer in charge. "The Brother" being in the person of President-Elect Barack Obama is now in charge.

Also because of this historic election poverty entrepreneurs (commonly called community activist or black leaders) have no excuses left to propagate as to why African Americans can't do what other Americans do; which is stay in school, go to college, and get a good job or start a business. The fact that an African American has been elected POTUS is conclusive and irrefutable evidence that African Americans can achieve anything they desire in America.

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